TaaS invests $1 million in Bancor’s $150 million Token Allocation Event

TaaS, the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to Blockchain assets, announces its investment in Bancor’s Token Allocation Event or as the media has been referring to as ICOs. After three months of due diligence, the management of TaaS met last week in Tel Aviv with Bancor’s founders at the 7th edition of d10e Conference to finalize the terms and conditions of a strategic investment and a long-term partnership.

During its crowdsale on June 12, which lasted less than four hours, Bancor successfully raised 396,720 ETH (equivalent to $150 million) from over 10,000 individual investors. TaaS invested 352 BTC (equivalent to $1 million) in Bancor, establishing itself as a prominent institutional investor in this year’s most talked-about crowdsale. This marks the third investment since TaaS raised $7.6 million through its own ICO on April 27.

The strategic partnership between Bancor and TaaS allows for further development of TaaS’ fund infrastructure through faster design of token baskets and other financial smart tokens. As a major supporter of Bancor’s protocol in Eastern Europe and in the Russian-speaking community, TaaS will invest in other Blockchain ventures pursuing financial instruments that bring efficiency to crypto trading.

This latest investment in Bancor is a good diversification of TaaS’ portfolio. TaaS will soon announce additional investments before the end of its first quarter since its Token Allocation Event ended. TaaS’ first profit-sharing is scheduled at the beginning of August.


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