Galt’s Gulch Chile Project

Any Bitcoin/blockchain/cryptocurrency activists or wealthy Bitcoin entrepreneurs want to help this project get back on its feet: Cryptocurrencies need many locations/areas around the world which are pro-cryptocurrencies and help support the movement. This website is in no way associated with the project but has been following the project for awhile now. Would be a… Continue reading Galt’s Gulch Chile Project

Blockchain and Digital Artwork

Blockchain and artwork; the perfect match? Combining blockchain with digital artwork to verify uniqueness of the artwork. Once a blockchain is used to verify/certify ownership and uniqueness of a specific piece of digital artwork this automatically adds value to the blockchain. It’s a win-win situation for digital artwork and blockchain, both providing a benefit to… Continue reading Blockchain and Digital Artwork

Formation of Caspera

Caspera is a blockchain and cryptocurrency focused organization.  The organization was created on May 22, 2017 to promote and support blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Hello world…